Time to Get Ahead

Wheww... where did this last year go?  It was a great, busy year for our floral studio and this year is even busier!  I am so thankful for our past and current brides who have chosen to work with us.  Each wedding we do is unique (as is the couple!) and this is what keeps us going!  

I have gotten behind on this whole "blog thing" and am in desperate need to jump back on the bandwagon.  There are so many exciting and beautiful things going on, I am just dying to share them!  Please keep your eyes peeeled for some absolutely gorgeous images from local photographers as well as some "in the making" photos from my camera to come!  Also, if you haven't already, be sure to go to our Facebook page ( and "like" us.  We share images and links on a weekly basis there.  See you all soon! :)


This gorgeous image is by Abby Leighanne.  Her photos are so crisp and beautiful!  She is one of our favorites!


A Glance at Flower Color

I have been wanting to share a little of what goes on in my mind when I look at and order flowers for a while now.  I will admit, sometimes I drive myself crazy and sometimes semi-obsess over color, but it's what I know and what I love.  After a beautiful wedding last November at Castle Ladyhawke, I pulled a few roses and took photos to show how many colors actually make up what at first glance looks like a single color.  A lot of people I work with say, "I want purple and green" or "I would like pink and white," but it is rarely as easy as that when preparing an order.  A specific type of flower is always going to vary to some degree of exact color, especially from season to season, but it's the different values put together that our eyes actually "see."  

Take this Isle spray rose, for example.  I have used paint chips, which I always seem to go back to, to show just some of the different values of peach/coral the flower is composed of. 

All whites are not the same.. take this eskimo rose.  You can see the different values of creams and faint yellows when looking up close.

Amsterdam Rose

Coral Charm Peony

Pekoubo Rose

Cherry Brandy Rose

A combination of several varieties of flowers with different shades of color gives an arrangement or bouquet depth and interest.  Here is a bridesmaid bouquet from the wedding, taken by the ever so talented Aaron Imaging .  

 Now it's time I get back to obsessing over the next wedding....:)

Tiffany and Adam, I had so much fun designing your wedding flowers, and I love these colors!


Ryan and Christina's Wedding

I, along with my best friend, Kerry were so honored to be a part of Ryan and Christina's wedding in June of this year.  Ryan and I went to school and graduated together, and Christina I have known for several years as well.  I was so excited to get to work with them and loved their natural, simple, rustic theme.  An idea they used, which I absolutely loved, was hanging old windows from the trees with photos of the couple through their relationship as well as photos of the bridal party.  Their entire wedding was filled with personal touches like this and was one of the sweetest weddings I have ever been to.  Thank you Ryan and Christina for allowing me to be a part of your special day and I wish you many, many years of blessings and happiness!

The beautiful wedding took place at the groom's mother's home in Weaverville, NC.  The amazing photographers were Michael and Emily Erb of Journey Arts Media.  They are fixing to launch a new brand for their wedding photography, so please keep checking their website.  I loved working alongside them and their photojournalistic style is amazing!  The cake was made by Teresa Reid of Weaverville, and has to be one of the best cakes I have ever eaten!

Photos Courtesty of Journey Arts Media

Sign made and painted by the bride and groom 

White asiatic lilies, locally grown purple larkspur and lavender

For the head table we did a moss runner with burlap underlay and placed vintage cheese boxes filled with dendrobium orchids, delphinium, local lace cap hydrangea, poppy pods, lavender, larkspur, and thistle (eryngium).  We then mixed in vintage bottles, vintage glass insulators, and votive candles

The men in the wedding party wore relaxed linen shirts and pants.  To allow them to wear boutonnieres, we wired and pinned small orchid blooms that wouldn't weigh the fabric down.

The bride held a bouquet of mini white calla lilies that looked perfectly elegant with her gorgeous gown.  Around the handle we wrapped satin ribbon and twine to hold the bride's mother's wedding band and a small locket with her photo inside.




Locally grown purple larkspur and lavender with green hypericum berries

The arbor was constructed by my talented, handy husband, Matt.  We decorated the bottom to make it look like it was growing out of the ground with curly willow and white and green dendrobium orchids.


Cake made and decorated by Teresa Reid



A Special Design for a Special Person

In August I had the honor of creating a blanket casket spray and standing spray for my husband's grandfather, Richard Hyder's, funeral.  I had the pleasure of knowing Richard for almost 9 years, with him becoming like a grandfather to me.  He was born on January 11, 1928 and was a veteran, deacon, farmer, rabbit hunter, and bee-keeper. He was known to the Barnanardsville community as "The Tomato King," growing numerous tomato crops as well as 41 tobacco crops over the years.  Richard raised and sold beagles to people all over the region, as well.

 A funny story I must share was told to the family at his receiving of friends.  Several years ago Richard was given a very large cabbage that someone had purchased at the grocery store.  Being the funny man he was, he took it to the Barnardsville tailgate market and entered it into a contest, winning a blue ribbon!  It was stories like this that provided a sense of comfort and put a smile on everyone's face at the difficult time that it was, and still is.

Not only was being asked to do this for him an honor, it was special because it was the first time I had ever made a casket spray.  The main thing I wanted was for the arrangement to reflect him, so I began by asking his wife, Grace, what types of flowers she thought would be appropriate.  A choice we all agreed on was zinnias.  Year after year Richard would prepare the soil in several raised flower beds at he and Grace's home, sowing zinnias that grew 4 to 5 feet high.  Every year, seed was passed around to friends and family and saved for the following year.  Another flower that Richard grew several times was sunflowers, which we knew would look great with the zinnias.  After taking note of several other flowers he liked, I set out to the wholesaler with fingers crossed I would find most of them waiting in their buckets ready to be purchased. Thankfully, the wholesaler had just gotten in a fresh shipment of sunflowers and I was able to get greenery that would go well with the flower recipe we created.

Casket Spray:  Sunflowers, zinnias, hydrangea, deep red dahlias, dahlia buds, orange lilies, bells of ireland, light blue delphinium, freesia, daisies, lily grass, jade leaves, red hypericum berries, hanging amaranthus, solidago (golden aster), seeded eucalyptus, curly willow tips, and birch branches


A close-up of the casket spray


Matt's great aunt and uncle, Alma and Larry, asked me to create a standing spray using some of the same flowers used in the casket spray.  Standing spray made of:  Sunflowers, dahlias, lilies, deep red mini carnations, orange and yellow garden roses, cream stock, deep purple-ish red and yellow snapdragons, alstroemeria, variegated pittosporum, seeded eucalyptus, jade leaves, curly willow tips, lily grass, and birch branches.

Close-up of the standing spray

Thank goodness the hot weather we had been having spared some of the zinnias from Richard and Grace's home!  The red hypericum berries and dahlia buds were my translation of mini "Tomatoes".  

Richard is and will be greatly missed by everyone, but we all know he is in heaven where the flowers never fade and we will one day see him again!



We're so excited to be starting Two Buds and a Blossom! Keep checking back for more updates on what we're doing on the blog page and for images to be added to our gallery page. 

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to creating beautiful floral designs for your future events!